Learn about multiple sclerosis

Being told you have multiple sclerosis is a life-changing diagnosis. Symptoms may have been on/off for years, or perhaps they’ve appeared very suddenly; either way, a diagnosis of a lifelong neurological condition will come with some questions. Actually, lots of questions. MS affects people in different ways but for most people there are highly effective treatments available to help you manage your MS.

Our ‘Learn about MS’ guides will help you find the answers to many of those questions and support you in understanding what MS means for your life. Having MS doesn’t mean giving up on your ambitions, just rethinking how to achieve them. 

MS Symptoms

MS begins with symptoms. Read up on common (and not so common) MS symptoms 

MS Diagnosis

So you’ve been (or might be) diagnosed with MS? What to do next and where to go for support

MS Treatment

MS is highly treatable for many people. Know your options to manage symptoms and slow progression

Living with MS

MS is different for everyone. This is what you need to know for life after diagnosis   

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