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Over 80% of MSers have felt isolated because of their condition. We need your help to improve access to the MS community via a app, ensuring MSers can quickly and easily connect with others and find 1-1 support.

Help ensure no one faces MS alone.

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At, we consider any major gift of £1,000 or more to be philanthropic. If you'd like to make a large donation, get in touch today at and find out how your donation could make the biggest impact on MSers.

Your donation will help us develop the best possible version of for our community.

Right now, our mission is to develop an app for everything you need when it comes to living with MS.

The app is far from just another icon. It's your MS community — real stories, support from people who get what you’re going through, all in one place.

This is no out-of-the-box solution. Crafted by tech experts alongside our community, the new app will empower, connect, and guide you through your health journey.

Help us make this vision a reality.

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Our story

Welcome to our donate page, I'm George, the co-founder and CEO of I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2004 and started the charity in 2009.

When I was first diagnosed, one of the biggest challenges I faced was finding people who understood what I was going through. The online community was an opportunity to meet far more people and for me, connecting with other MSers was a lifeline.

I started so MSers who are diagnosed today have a safe community where they can connect and learn from others living with MS.

80% of people with MS have experienced isolation. That's two million worldwide which is mind-blowing and heartbreaking. We know there is more we can do.

We're building an app so more people can benefit from easy access, fast, 1 to 1 support. When people need connection most, the MS community will be just one tap away.

In our 2023 impact report, 86% of members said they felt supported and encouraged by their peers. The evidence is clear: connection is transformative.

Read our full impact report here. user map

Your donation will ensure is there when people need the community most.

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